Best Leesburg Roofing Company

Best Leesburg Roofing Company

Mid Atlantic Construction and Technology is a premier installer of beautiful and lasting cedar shingles and metal roofing. In Loudoun Cedar shingles and metal roofing are a great choice because they stand up to all kinds of weather conditions.

The two most common types of wood and metal roof systems are cedar shakes and cedar shingles. The most obvious difference between a cedar shake and cedar shingle is the irregularity of the shakes. Cedar Shingles are cut the same width and same thickness and look very uniform across a roof. Cedar Shakes are typically installed with different thicknesses and widths.

Fire Retardant Treated Roofing

Best Leesburg Roofing Company

Fire treated roof, fire retardant treatment Fire retardant cedar shakes and shingles can be used as an affordable and convenient alternative in many areas where the building code requires flame-resistant roofing materials to be used. There are three different classes of fire retardant treatments available.


Cedar shakes & shingles are one of the most durable roofing materials available on the market today. Western Red Cedar’s natural ability to flex allows it to withstand some of the harshest weather climates in the world: areas such as Oregon, British Columbia, and Alaska.

Best Leesburg Roofing Company

Wind tests, conducted by the shake and shingle association rated cedar roofing materials to withstand winds up to 130mph.

In Leesburg Cedar shingles can endure the occasional winter storm and can easily withstand freezing temperatures

Due to cedar’s natural high “R” rating (resilience to heat conductivity) your home will be cooler in the hottest summer, saving you money on your air-conditioning bill.

Cedar can withstand freezing temperatures and will keep your home warm and dry in the winter.

Best Leesburg Roofing Company

Long term protection from fungal decay is provided with factory pressure impregnated treatment of preservatives that will extend the life of cedar shake and shingle roofs. Material warranties on the preservative treatment are available from the treatment manufacturers.

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