Best time for replacement windows in Northern Virginia

When deciding on replacement windows in Northern Virginia is there a better time of year to purchase your Northern Virginia windows? Should you buy in the winter when it is cooler? Is it better in the spring so you can enjoy the cooler house in the summer? Is it best to get replacement windows in the heat of the summer when you just can’t stand it anymore? The answer is Yes.

Getting replacement windows in Northern Virginia can be a year round activity due to the relatively consistent and warm weather we experience for most of the year. Obviously there are benefits to getting the replacement windows done in certain seasons, but there are also drawbacks. Let’s look at a few of both for each season.

Seasons (and reasons) for replacement windows in Northern Virginia
Pros: Spring can be a fantastic time of the year in Northern Virginia. The temperature can be mild to cool, making a project such as replacement windows pleasant since the house is opened up during the project. Spring always brings a sense of renewal and a desire to freshen up the house and compete projects. Replacement windows fit in well as a spring project because they lunch up the look of the house and you can enjoy the nice weather through your new window.

Cons: While the temperature in the spring can be mild, the weather can be finicky. Getting replacement windows in Northern Virginia while the rain is coming down is simply not an enjoyable process. Also, the weather can create delays in the window installer’s schedule. If the rain comes to Northern Virginia, replacement windows get put on hold. Finally, if you have the great idea to get replacement windows in Northern Virginia when the weather is awesome you can bet others want their Northern Virginia windows too. This can quickly fill the window installation company’s schedule and put you waiting.

Pros: summer is the time of year that you will instantly feel the results of your replacement window investment. If your old windows are inefficient, the new windows will start working right away. Because the rain comes less frequently in the summer, the weather also allows for more uninterrupted installation days. Finally, here is an insiders tip: requests for replacement windows typically slow down in the summer for window replacement companies in Northern Virginia This can be a problem for them if they need to keep crews busy, or keep the revenue flowing into the business. Because of this, you might be able to get an additional discount or sweeten the deal for you.

Cons: Its hot in Northern Virginia. What else is there?

Pros: There is nothing like a crisp fall day in Northern Virginia after a brutal summer. The weather just makes you want to open your windows. This is a great time of year because you can enjoy several open window days with you replacement windows before the winter. With the new windows in place in the fall, you are also ready for the winter weather. While we are not often faced with harsh winters in Northern Virginia, replacement windows can still help In those few cold snaps. We often over look drafty windows until the cold wind starts to blow. Replacement windows in Northern Virginia will solve that problem.

Cons: the fall can also bring the wet weather to Northern Virginia (see spring cons above). The time of year is also a busy season for installation companies so you may have to wait for your turn if you are working with a top installation company.

Pros: you can be pretty sure that the weather is not going to be too cold for replacement windows in Northern Virginia during the winter. Winter can also be a slow season for window installers so you may be able to get better pricing as they need to keep teams busy.

Cons: Northern Virginia can have its share of cold snaps and rainy days in the winter. While spring just brings chances of rain, the weather plays extra duty with a cold snap in the winter. It is not fun to have openings in your house when it is 45 degrees outside. The weather can also effect the curing of the caulk so good installation companies will not install on days with sustained cold temperatures.

Obviously there are going to be benefits and downsides to the time of year you. Get your replacement windows in Northern Virginia. The ultimate decision needs to come down to when is a good time for you. The sooner you choose to replace your windows, the sooner you will start to realize the benefits of better, more energy efficient replacement windows. If you need replacement windows in Northern Virginia, the good news is that we will be here year round to serve you.

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