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Composite Slate Roofing Installation the Right Way

Composite Slate Roofing Installation the Right Way

Composite Slate Roofing Installation the Right Way

Natural slate roof is a beautiful option for your home’s roof. But, it can come with a few drawbacks, including a steep price tag. As an alternative, a composite slate roof represents a terrific choice vs. a natural slate roof. Whether made from of engineered polymers, fiberglass, or rubber and other fillers, a composite slate roof provides the same beautiful look of a natural slate roof.

Composite slate offers several advantages, including durability, cost effectiveness, a lighter weight, and mold resistance. In addition, it’s generally much easier to install. But, as with any roofing material, proper installation is a key element in your composite roof’s ability to protect your home from the elements.

Composite Slate Roofing Installation the Right Way

Composite Slate Roofing Installation the Right Way
The first step in composite slate roofing installation is to remove the existing roofing material.
Once complete, it’s time to prepare the decking surface. Your slate roofing contractor will carefully check for and replace any weak or rotting boards, framework, and plywood decking.
Your roofer may also need to handle gutters and downspout repairs, if needed. This is a good time to address these issues, so they don’t present bigger problems down the line.
Next, drip-edge and tar paper will be installed. In some cases, proper installation calls for rubber membranes to help prevent leak damage from ice dams.
Now, it’s finally time to start laying out the composite slate shingles which should be done according to manufacturer’s recommendations to preserve warranty guarantee.
Proper flashing is then installed as the last step. Flashing is an important detail in ensuring your roof doesn’t leak.

Composite Slate Roofing Installation the Right Way

Hire a Slate Roofing Contractor For Your Peace of Mind
If installing a composite slate roof sounds like a significant, complex project, you’re correct! This is a job best left to an experienced, slate roofing installation contractor.

With almost three decades of experience installing & repairing Virginia roofs, has the know-how and skills necessary to get the job done right, the first time.

For a headache-free installation of a slate roof, natural or composite alike, give us a call at 571-471-3533. We offer a no obligation consultation where we can answer all your material & installation process question and provide you with a free installation estimate!

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