Emergency Roof Leak Repairs

Emergency Roof Leak Repairs

A leaky roof is one of those situation that a homeowners will face at one time or another. Even the most durable roofs can sustain minor water damage after rain or snowstorms typical of Virginia climate. It is then that a qualified roofing contractor is then called for help, providing repairs as well as inspections and maintenance tips to prevent leaking.

The question remains, however: what can a homeowner do when a leak occurs at an inconvenient time? Emergency roof repairs can help to minimize water damage until your local roofing contractor is able to permanently handle your roofing repairs, be it replace shingles, repair flashing or re-seal the skylight or chimney.

Emergency Roof Leak Repairs

Handling Emergency Roof Leak Repairs

A quick trip to the home improvement store can procure the items needed to handle most do-it-yourself emergency roof leak repairs. Plastic sheeting, a couple of wood planks, and a staple gun helps you create a temporary barrier until your roof repair appointment is scheduled.

Here’s what you will typically need to do.

Carefully mount your roof using a ladder. Wait until the rain or snow has ended if possible; wet roofs are slick and slippery.
Identify the source of the leak. You will probably be able to identify the damaged section through missing, discolored, or broken shingles.
Enclose a piece of wood — a two by four is an ideal size – in an end section of plastic sheeting. Wrap the board several times to ensure it will stay covered. Secure the plastic to the wood with staples.
Lay the wood down on the roof and place the plastic sheeting over the leaky area. Wrap a second two by four in the other end of the plastic sheeting. Staple to secure, and place the wood on the roof.
Do not staple or nail the wood planks or plastic to the roof, as you might risk creating more leaks or other damage. Contact a roofing repair company as soon as possible to explain your problem. Let the customer service representative know if your roof is made of shingles, tiles, wood shakes, metal, or if you have a flat roof. This information will help the contractor know what repairs will be required.

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