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You may not believe this, but the kitchen and bath are the second most used room in your home other than your bed room. Your kitchen is a very important piece of your home, you cook there and wash dishes there. So why would you wan’t your lovable kitchen remodel. Many reasons why you might want to have your kitchen remodeled, especially if you have outdated appliances. Whether you use gas or electric in your home. Mid Atlantic Construction & Technology can help bring the outdated kitchen appliances up to date. Our company deals with many big companies, by doing this it enables us to pass the savings to our customers. Our interior design specialist will come to your home, or you come to one of our offices, and we can help you design your dream kitchen. Mid Atlantic Construction & Technology offers our customers different appliances such as G.E, Samsung, or Whirlpool, we offer the best appliances for the best price.

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What makes our company different from different construction companies is we design our own kitchen cabinets. Whichever style of kitchen cabinets you and your family may need or like. We offer Hardwood and Softwood for our cabinets, and you can have whatever wood grain you want. Our company has a list of the type of wood , color, and grain of any cabinets. Check out below:

1. Maple is a medium to hard wood with a straight, wavy or curly grain. Popular for its shock resistance and durability, maple has a light, uniform appearance that produces a smooth, clean look when stained. Another plus is that it can also be finished to resemble other, more expensive hardwoods and softwoods such as cherry and cedar. Maple is a great choice for a light, airy kitchen or a dramatic kitchen with darker finishes.

2. Oak is a very hard, heavy wood with a coarse grain that varies from straight to a distinctive sweeping arch pattern. Found in both red and white varieties, oak is a great cabinetry choice because it is timeless, blending beautifully with many different design styles. And it stains well in standard finish colors.

3. Birch is a smooth hardwood with straight, wavy or curly grains with a high shock resistance that takes any stain well. Birch is mostly a light-colored wood, and varies from cream to light yellow. However, the wood found in the center of the tree, or heartwood, takes on a darker reddish brown color, which may result in unique color variations in your cabinetry. It is versatile and can achieve any look, from a more casual space to a refined setting.

4. Hickory is one of our strongest, hardest and heaviest woods with random natural streaks that add unique accents to your cabinetry. Hickory has an array of naturally prominent colors ranging from very light cream to dark reddish brown to sometimes nearly black which easily can be enhanced by light or natural stains.

5.Cherry is well known for its smooth grain and unique color that mellows and deepens as it ages—like fine wine. This “mellowing” effect is enhanced by exposure to bright light and, depending on the amount of exposure, will tend to darken several shades over time. Considered a luxury wood due to its expensive price, cherry has pinkish-brown hues and occasional shades of white, green, or gray. Its dark color brings a warm elegance to any room.

So if you looking to remodel your kitchen in the near future, call our company for a free quote today.

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