Loudoun County Roofing installation and Services

Loudoun County Roofing installation and Services

At Mid Atlantic Construction & Technology, we know that your home is your most important investment, so we protect it by exceeding expectations for roof replacement. We don’t just replace your shingles; we look at roof replacement as a system with many vital parts and provide an array of services to keep your home dry, safe and looking great.

Mid Atlantic Construction & Technology installs only the highest-quality roofing material and we guarantee our workmanship for the lifetime of your roof. Last year alone, we worked on over 1,400 homes in Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Maryland. Our customers are so pleased with our roofing results that they refer friends and neighbors to us. In fact, over 60% of our roofing business comes from referred customers!

Loudoun County Roofing installation and Services

Roofing Repairs

Protect your home and everyone who lives in it

Whether due to sudden storm damage or years of wear and tear, when you have a roofing repair problem that needs to be fixed now, Mid Atlantic Construction & Technology will be at your home fast and will fix it right the first time.

We’re the experts to call for any and all roofing repairs:
Leaky roofs
Leaky pipe collars, flashing and fireplaces
Loose and damaged shingles
Fascia wind damage
Rotting wood
Damaged venting
Rotten wood
Collapsed roofs

Loudoun County Roofing installation and Services

Roof Chimney Caps

Keep water out of your home for good

Mid Atlantic Construction & Technology. can diagnose problems you’re having with your roof and repair any roofing leaks we can find. One of the areas prone to trouble in your roof is the chimney. If improperly installed and not covered with flashing (see more on roof flashing) water can infiltrate your house through the crack between roof and chimney. Chimney flashing is applied at the base of the chimney with a continuous sheet of metal so that water runs around this problem spot and cannot enter your home.

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