Loudoun Snow Storm Damage Homes

Loudoun Snow Storm Damage Homes

Lately our company has been getting so many calls due to the snow storm that just happened a few weeks ago, back in January, some places in Loudoun got more than 2 foot of snow. Most of this snow has damaged many of the residential and commercial properties in the Northern and Southern Virginia area. The snow started falling on the third Friday in January 2016, and once it started it didn’t end till Sunday the same weekend. Roadways and streets were covered, and many businesses were close as a result, and it took a few days to clear all the snow. Even now weeks after the snow storm, you can see the snow on some of the roads. The most interesting thing is the phone calls our company been receiving because of the 2016 snow storm. Many of the home owners in Loudoun county are having leaks from previous hail storms that mad their roofs vulnerable from previous storms. The impact from previous hail storms are what are mainly causing the leaks on homeowners are experiencing on their roofs now. Now that the snow is melting, home owners are having leaks in their homes that are causing wood rot and other damages. First step to stopping leaks start by getting the roof tarp, to prevent any more water from coming inside your home. Then you need to call your insurance company out to get an inspection. Then call Mid Atlantic Construction and Technology to make sure that our company come out to meet your insurance adjuster to do a proper inspection.

During an inspection with your adjuster Mid Atlantic Construction and Technology will meet with your adjuster and perform a proper inspection with the adjuster to make sure that you will be getting what you the home owner has paid the insurance company for. We’re not saying that you’re insurance company is cheating you out of a proper inspection or your company. But lets remember that the insurance company has it’s best interest in mind, and not you the customer. During the past 4 years since we’ve been business we’ve been in business, you’d be surprise how many re-inspections we’ve seen happen to where an adjuster has been wrong.
After the inspection, if your home is approve we’ll send one of our preferred contractors to help you with getting your home fix.

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