Sanitize Your Windows

Back with a friendly tip on keeping your windows up to date and clean is a great tip on sanitizing your windows. Let’s think about it here for a moment.

You windows are constantly getting hit with rain, wind, pollen, germs and anything else that flies through the air. Essentially, they are a breeding ground for germs. What you will commonly find is that dirty windows can contain as many germs as your toilet! So what you will want to do is make sure you sanitize your windows properly.

How To Sanitize Your Windows

First you’ll want to get a bucket or spray bottle of windex. Mix it up with a little bit of rubbing alcohol. You should do about 3 parts windex, 1 part alcohol. Mix it up well and grab yourself a rag. You’ll then want to clean your windows like you would normally, making sure to get all of the glass.

You’ll also want to make sure you use even strokes as to not streak the glass. Make sure to clean your house windows as you would clean your car windows.

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