Storm Restoration and Repair Company in Virginia

Storm Restoration and Repair Company in Virginia

With recent hurricane Sandy and previous storms battering homes across D.C, Maryland and Virginia the number one Storm Restoration and Repair Company in Virginia is Mid Atlantic Construction & Technology. Northern Virginia, Maryland, and ┬áD.C homes have all kind of damage of weather damage on their roof’s and siding. Many homeowners are not aware that after minor and major storms it is best that you get your home inspected. Your home roof is the first protection that you and your family have against U.V rays, pollution, rain, snow, hail, etc. So you should periodically have your roof check after every major hail storm, hurricane, wind storms. Many home owners are unsuspected and unaware that these storms can destroy the shingle life of their roof causing the homeowner leaks, which the leaks get into the plywood and sheets underneath your roof rotting them. This can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to replace these sheets of plywood and sheets, sometimes its even necessary to lift up the whole roof to replace every sheet from a situation that could of been easily repaired.

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If you need help filing a claim because of weather related issues such as: Wind Storms blowing shingles off roof, hail storm hits your roof, Roof Leakage, flooded basement. Mid Atlantic Construction & Technology can help you with these issue’s. As the #1 Storm Restoration and Repair Company in Virginia its our job to make the restoration process a smooth process for you. We can even help you file the insurance claim, while our technicians and operators are there. Whether your home is bran new mother nature does not care for it. We will make your transition as smooth as possible. Mid Atlantic Construction & Technology will have your home looking beautiful again.

Storm Restoration and Repair Company in Virginia

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