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Are you looking for a Windows Company in Leesburg Mid Atlantic Construction & Technology? We can help! Single Hung Vinyl Windows will operate from the bottom sash only. They usually will tilt in for cleaning in better models. This is a contrast to the double hung in that the top sash of the window; is fixed and, does not operated for ventilation or for tilt and clean features. The advantage to the single hung over the double hung is that as a fixed top panel it is less likely to succomb to air infiltration in high winds. This is better from a performance standpoint. The single hung is also less expensive than the double hung windows. Most manufacturers have a single hung model of some type and this can often save on window costs. A good example of this is the Alside Excalibur, window which offers a double hung or a single hung model. The operating sashes tilt in for cleaning. Another good example is Mid Atlantic Construction & Technology Pro Window. This product too, has a Single Hung Model. As a rule the single hung model windows will have a narrower frame. Many homeowners appreciate having more glass in each window and less frame. Especially; here in Loudoun County as many windows are just TWO FEET wide. That makes a THREE AND A HALF INCH FRAME become Seven inches of Frame in that 24″ window leaving just 17″ of glass. Window Costs can vary but a phone or personal consultation is always free. Single hung vinyl are a great choice for cost effective performance. They’re not expensive, but are quite effective. Three Quarter Inch Thick Insulated Low-E Glass and Argon Gas is always the key. If you get that in a vinyl frame….you’re in good shape for thermal efficiency. Glass thickness and features vary. Some are essentially a builders grade unit. Some are considerably better. We recommend different models based on location of home, time estimated to live there and overall budget concerns. Loudoun remodeling services, call Mid Atlantic Construction & Technology.

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