Ashburn Roofing Problems

Ashburn Roofing Problems


Many residential homeowners in the Loudoun county area experienced heavy rain and winds that caused damage to their homes this past weekend. Some of the homes especially in the Ashburn area had missing shingles, water leaking into homes, and damaged siding. The bad news is Hurricane Florence is headed towards Virginia, its currently around North Carolina. Hurricane Florence hasn’t even landed on our shores yet, but weather analyst are saying this hurricane is going to be destructive. It’s expected that hurricane Florence will cause billions of dollars in structural damage when it touches our coasts.

The state of Virginia has declared a state of emergency, and has begin making preparations for when hurricane Florence hits the Southern Virginia shores. We predict the storm will become a tropical depression by the time it reaches Northern Virginia, if it evens reaches Northern Virginia. The questions that many people should be asking themselves are; How well is their family prepared for the storm; The second question, Is your home ready for this storm?

We strongly believe that Loudoun county is a great place to live, we say this because not only do we live here, but we know this county like the back of our hands. Where Loudoun county is located is sought of protected from the more severe weather our neighbors to the west and east of us experience. Ashburn, Leesburg and Sterling are more open to the winds that come in from the East, West, North, and South. Places like Hillsboro, Hamilton, Purcellville and Middleburg are located in the Valley, so wind typically come from two places.

Our company Mid Atlantic Construction and Technology is here for all of our Loudoun, Fairfax, and Prince William counties residential and commercial property owners. If your home is damage, our company and its partners offer free estimates and inspections. Mid Atlantic Construction and its partners have insurance specialist that work with insurance companies to help homeowners in time of their needs. Call us today for a free estimate 571-252-9748

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