Best Time For Siding Replacement

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Homeowners spend a lot of time and money on the interior of their homes. From redecorating to renovating entire rooms, much thought is put into what goes on inside our homes. What about the exterior? Is it time for a face lift to gain more curb appeal? And if so, when is the best time of year for installing new siding?

Considerations for choosing the best siding material

First off, the best time of year to install new siding depends on what type of material you’re using. Vinyl is an exceedingly popular choice of material for home siding, but it expands in the heat of the summer and contracts in the cold winter months. For this reason, the moderate temperatures of fall are ideal for installing vinyl.

When vinyl is installed during the summer and nailed too tight, it could crack or buckle as the temperatures cool and the material contracts. Wood has similar contracting properties in extreme temperatures, which makes it a good candidate for installation during the fall.

If you’ve missed the fall window and are now looking to spring for the project, be sure to call your siding contractor now because the calendar for spring siding jobs is likely filling up fast.

Is fiber cement siding ideal for cold weather climates?

Fiber cement siding is also a popular material for siding as it has excellent durability and insulation properties. James Hardie makes a fiber cement siding that is engineered for climate, and the company looks at eight climatic variables that affect the performance of siding over time to manufacture their products.

For example, James Hardie makes a particular type of siding that is great for areas where freezing temperatures, snow and ice are the norm. They also make a siding that is ideal for areas where the heavy rainfall is common and humidity is high, but where conditions can also become hot and dry.

Fiber cement materials have obvious advantages as a material for siding, but it’s not without its limitations where installation is involved; fiber cement siding must be kept dry prior to installation, which means installation jobs during rainy seasons should be avoided. The following may occur if the fiber cement becomes saturated:

  • Difficulty in handling as the water will increase the material’s weight and flexibility.
  • Soluble salts, generally white in color, will cause staining.
  • Open joints due to shrinkage can also occur when installed wet, as joints between planks open up when dry.

Prices are lower in the fall

Some homeowners gun for a fall siding project because they find better prices from contractors who might see their jobs drop off as the weather cools. Siding contractors are often busiest during the summer, perhaps even turning down jobs as they are so plentiful, which means there will be little to no chance of seeing discounts from contractors. However, to keep their crew in work during the colder months, they’ll be more willing, in some cases, to lower their prices to pull in more clients. Manufacturers are also more willing to discount prices on their siding products during non-peak times.

Be sure to get multiple quotes on the project and ask for references. You need your siding contractor to have plenty of experience and install your siding perfectly so it will protect your home longer.

Entrust your siding installation to the experts

At Mid Atlantic Construction and Technology, we’ve installed everything from vinyl to cedar planks to James Hardie siding and everything in between. We have years of experience and use highly trained individuals to install siding for our clients. We haven’t had a single unhappy customer in more than 15 years, so call us today and let’s discuss siding options for your home.

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