Curved Roof

Curved Roof

A curved roof is much like the Skillion, or Shed roof, but the planes are curved. It is very modern and provides a unique, creative roof design. The amount of curve can vary from slightly curved up to an arch shape.

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Pros: Curved roofs are aesthetically pleasing and a way to have a home unlike any other. They also provide subtle shapes inside the home as well.

A curved roof can be used to cover the entire home or a single section, such as an arched entrance.

Since curved roofs are designed by the architect or builder, it can be customized to be advantageous to the region the home is being built.

For example, in high wind areas, a roof with a lower slope would be more durable than one with a higher slope. While in areas that receive more snow and rain can have more of an arch to allow water to run-off.

Cons: The cost of a curved roof will depend on the complexity of the design.

Suggested Materials: The best material for curved roofs is metal. It will bend and shape into any form, plus the maintenance will be greatly reduced.

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