Fairfax Va Roofing Repair and New Roofing Installation

Fairfax Va Roofing Repair and New Roofing Installation

Are you in the Fairfax area looking for new roofing repair and new roofing installation in Fairfax county, well our company can help you with your roofing project. Roofing repairs are usually minor damage that may need to be patch or replaced. Fairfax Virginia this past winter has had a series of serious snow, wind, and hail storms that have come through the Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William counties. Many home owners may or don’t realize that their roofs may have damage on it from the weather, most home owners don’t know what to look for when it comes to roof damage.House1

Fairfax Va Roofing Repair and New Roofing Installation

When it comes to a new roof, your options are unlimited, but its about what your home, family, and your needs are when it comes to new roofing installation or replacement. An average single tab shingle roofing system can last between 10- 20 years if the shingle out last the weather conditions, and if its properly maintained. In Fairfax, Virginia our company recommends the triple tab architectural roofing system, the shingles that we use come’s from the shingle and siding manufacturer Certainteed. Metal roofing is highly recommended for commercial buildings when it comes to new roofing installation. Our company Mid Atlantic Construction & Technology did some research and are going to give you some myths uncovered.

Metal Roofing Systems Fairfax, Virginia

The most common misconception that homeowners have is that metal roofing will increase the chance of lightning hitting your home. But the truth is that a metal roof will not increase the likelihood of lightning striking your home. However, if your home were hit by lightning, your metal roof would disperse the energy safely throughout the structure. Since metal roofing isn’t combustible or flammable, it’s a low risk and desirable roofing option where severe weather is concerned, especially for lightning. another common misconception is that a metal roof will be noisier than other types of roofing but when installed with solid sheathing, a metal roof on your home will actually silence noise from rain, hail and bad weather, many times much better than other roofing materials. Most modern metal roofing systems are built to last. Steel metal roofing has a “metallic coating” made of either zinc or a combination of zinc and aluminum. This metallic coating prevents rust from forming and is bonded to the steel at the factory.

Roofing Repair and New Roofing Installation Fairfax Va 22030


Paint is then applied over the metallic coating to provide the long-lasting color homeowners desire Dents In most cases, a metal roof can withstand decades of abuse from extreme weather like hail, high winds, and heavy snow. Today’s systems also have a 150-mph wind rating (equal to an F2 tornado), meaning your metal roof is also safe from wind gusts that can accompany hail storms. Many people think you can’t (or shouldn’t) walk on a metal roof, but the truth is that you can safely walk any metal roof without damaging it. Most home owners think that a metal roofing is very expensive, but getting an estimate from our company is where you should start. The two most important factors in calculating cost are the style of roofing and the shape and pitch of your home’s roof. One of our inspectors can come to your home, inspect your current roof and then give you an estimate or free inspection of your roof.

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