Kyra Sharpe Santa Barbara

Kyra Sharpe is a hearing aid dispenser that works at Miracle Ear in Santa Barbara California. The reason I’m writing this article is because of what I went through working for this company and Kyra Sharpe. Kyra Sharpe is from West Virginia and is one of the most incompetent person I’ve ever met. I don’t think that girl really knows what’s going on around her. She is a liar and very deceptive, drug addict, and alcoholic. This girl use to get drunk in the Miracle Ear office in Santa Barbara and piss on herself and on the floor. Not to mention all the Hepa violations.

Kyra Sharpe Liar and Scammer

You maybe wondering why how I met this person, Kyra Sharpe contacted me around late December of 2019, it might of been early January of 2020. I should of been skeptical at first, but I was foolish. She invited me to come out to Santa Barbara, she made it seemed like it was going to be the business opportunity of a lifetime. When I got to Santa Barbara it was not what was promised. The place Kyra Sharpe had me staying at was full of mold, and not only that this girl was sniffing cocaine. She even drugged me a couple of times.

Miracle Ear Santa Barbara

While working there, I was the one that kept the place clean, I woke up every morning and cleaned the place. I did i.t for the Santa Barbara Miracle Ear office a few times and even brought her a few leads. I also did SEO for the company. This misery lasted all the way to June, when I asked to get paid she didn’t pay me. She kept referring to her taxes, well I’ve still haven’t gotten paid and this woman is just antagonizing me. What Miracle Ear needs to explain is why do they have an alcoholic coke junkie that pisses on their office floors working for them. I wrote a Rippoff Report and I’ve not gotten paid as of yet. In the state of California this is extremely illegal and I’v hired 2 lawyers that are dealing with the situation.

Kyra Sharpe Santa Barbara

I just want to be paid and move on from this situation, I just feel like this person wasted my time and lied to me. Miracle Ear definitely knew about this and right now during Covid-19 everything is slow. So I just want Kyra Sharpe and Miracle Ear to pay me what they owe me. So when you see this girl know she is one of the biggest frauds and liars in Santa Barbara California.

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