Leesburg Virginia Massive Storm Damage

I’ve lived in Loudoun mostly all my life, but seeing a tornado tear apart the town of Leesburg like that, is something I’ve never see. On February 7, 2020 a massive tornado went through the town of Leesburg. The tornado destroyed and damaged a lot of residential and commercial properties. Many people and businesses have been affected by this natural disaster. To some people in the remodeling business they view this as an opportunity to make money on peoples misfortune. To us over here at Mid Atlantic Construction and Technology this is something else.

Our company wants to fix our community, and most of our company employees live and do business in Loudoun. Mid Atlantic Construction and Technology loves our community and the people in the community, because we’re your neighbors. We’re looking forward to helping people get on with their lives, because we know this has impacted many people in a negative way. If you and your family were directly affected by this natural disaster, give us a call we can help you and your family get their life back on track.

The tornado caused massive wind damage to many residential and commercial properties. Many home owners are wondering what they can do, the first thing you need to do is assess the damage. Then call your insurance company, after you call your insurance company. Call Mid Atlantic Construction and Technology to help with the cleanup and repair part. We’ll take care of you and your family, cause technically you are our family, and we’ll treat you better than some of your family can.

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