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What is the Best Natural Stone for White Kitchen Counter Tops?

White countertops are hot right now. They provide a clean, bright and light look for your kitchen and manage to be both classic and contemporary at the same time.

Even with simple white countertops, there are still a variety of options available.

You can have pure white or white with flecks of color or dark-colored veins.

You can also choose from several materials, including both natural stone and man-made surfaces.

If you’re considering white kitchen countertops for your kitchen remodel, it naturally follows to ask, what is the best natural stone for white countertops?

In this post, we review our favorite natural stone and engineered materials for your white kitchen countertops.

Best stone for white kitchen countertops

  • White Granite
  • White Quartz
  • White Marble
  • White Corian

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White Granite Countertops

With it’s classic and timeless look, white granite counter tops have traditionally been the top choice for white counter tops for decades. White is always in style, and it has a clean and sophisticated look.

White granite countertops

Granite countertops are a luxurious and durable material. Consider combining white granite countertops with dark wood cabinets to establish a contemporary theme.

Granite is entirely natural, and your countertops will be one of a kind because they will be cut from a single unique slab of quarried stone.

It is very rare to find pure white countertops, but the appeal of this material is in the flecks and veins within the granite that make every slab completely unique.

White granite countertops will compliment a wide array of colors, whether you’re after a striking contrast, like black-and-white, or a more subtle contrast between white counters and neutral colored cabinets.

Granite will usually be more affordable than quartz, but prices will vary depending on the type of granite you choose.

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White Quartz Countertops

Quartz has become extremely popular over the past few years, gaining on granite and even surpassing it as the most popular kitchen countertop material.

Quartz countertops are engineered from quartz, rather than being cut from a quarried slab of stone like granite or marble. Quartz counters are more likely to have visible seams because of this.

Quartz countertops are non-porous material and resist stains, scratching, and bacteria.

It does not require occasional resealing of the surface like granite and marble do.

Because quartz is engineered, you have more color options, including solid pure white.

Prices vary but quartz is often more expensive than granite or marble.

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White Marble Countertops

Marble has long been considered one of the most luxurious natural stone materials available. It is a timeless material that ages very well.

Marble will remain cool to the touch, which can be a nice benefit on the kitchen during warmer months.

White marble countertops can give you the whitest hue possible out of any natural stone.

Besides being available in pure white, marble is also available with dramatic veins or color or with interesting flecks of color.

Marble will vary in price but can be expensive depending on the type you choose.

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White Corian Countertops

The only material on our list that is not made from natural stone, Corian is the most popular “solid surface” countertop material and is available in a wide variety of colors, including solid white.

Corian countertops are seamless, strong, and stain-resistant.

Corian is resistant to color fading from sunlight.

Corian can sometimes be scratched or scarred by high temperatures but it is easier to repair than solid stone.

Corian is usually more affordable than marble, quartz, or granite.

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