Loudoun Spring Time Roof and Siding Damage Issues

Loudoun Spring Time Roof and Siding Damage Issues

Many residential and commercial property owners in Loudoun county have begin to experience roofing and siding issues, due to the recent storms that have swept across the East coast and the Northern Virginia region. In the past year our area have experience everything from hail storms to blizzards, like the one we just experienced in January which brought more than 3 feet of snow in some areas. As a result some of the homes in Loudoun have had experienced leaks and roof damage. Even vinyl siding, which are more durable and able to withstand more hardship than aluminum siding have been ripped off houses from powerful wind storms. Our company have been getting calls from Ashburn, Leesburg, Sterling, and even Middleburg which is rare.


Springtime this year the residential and commercial property owners will experience many more storms to come, as you may not know the earth seems to be warming up, despite what we’ve been told evidence shows it. So there will be tropical storms that sweep in across the region that may cause water damage in the home. What many residential and commercial property owners fail to do is they do not get their property inspected like they should. Our company recommend that a property owner get their property inspected every two years. Mid Atlantic Construction and Technology offer free inspections to our residential and commercial property owners.

An inspection can save you a lot of headaches and money in the long run cause you’ll know where you and your property stand. It can help a residential or commercial property owner catch water damage, mold, and wood rot before it gets out of hand. You probably know what water damage, mold and wood rot is from hearing your neighbor talk about it or even experienced these issues yourself.


Many people do not know that mold is very hazardous and dangerous to their health and can cause problems, and if not treated long enough can cause certain respiratory diseases. Insurance companies will deny black mold claims if a residential or commercial property tries to file it. Black mold shows that a property owner actually neglected  he/she property, and that the mold is more than 3 to 4 weeks old. Its important to get your property inspected, because it can save you lots of headaches in the long run.

Getting your roof inspected is the best way to stop water from coming into your property, because most water damage issues usually begin with the roof having a leak. Many people don’t know that hail damage if left unchecked after a while can cause leaks into your home. So its best to get a free inspection of your home this Spring season, you will be doing yourself a huge favor.

Loudoun Spring Time Roof and Siding Damage Issues

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