New Roofing Installation Alexandria Virginia

New Roofing Installation Alexandria Virginia

Our company has been installing so many roofs in Alexandria Virginia, due to all the storms we’ve had this past winter. The crazy thing about these storms, we’ve got many more on the way, so you probably asking yourself “what do you do?”. Many homeowners in the Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax area don’t realize that their roof is well over do for repairs, or a completely brand new roof installation. The Northern Virginia area has experience 100’s of hail storms and wind storm the past couple of years. So that may be more of a reason to actually call a roofing company like Mid Atlantic Construction & Technology. Many home owners depending on the cause of damage, don’t have to spend much on a new roof depending on their insurance policy, they may qualify for a new roof without coming out of pocket.
A roofing professional can inspect your roof and give you an idea of the condition of your roofing system, our company actually gives free roofing inspections and estimates. You have many questions, and one of the most important question a homeowner should ask is “what is the best roofing system?”. Well there are many excellent roofing systems on the market today. In today’s world of technology, you have some shingles that can resist up to 200 mile an hour wind. So it really depends what style of roofing do a homeowner prefer, so many factors come into affect including homeowners associations and what area of the Northern Virginia area you live in. If you live in Alexandria, I would recommend you get the architectural triple tab roofing system from Certainteed shingles. The reason I recommend this roofing system for homeowners in the Alexandria area, is because not only is it wind resistant but it will outlive you.

New Commercial Roofing Installation Alexandria Virginia

Downtown and Old Town Alexandria is full of commercial buildings, downtown has many businesses which drives the economy of Alexandria. Many small business owners really don’t have time to actually do a full inspection of their commercial building, let alone the roof on the building. Many of the commercial businesses need their roof replace, but don’t actually know it till its to late. So the advice that we can give you is to get you commercial roofing system inspected every 2 to 3 years depending on what kind of roofing system you have. Mid Atlantic Construction & Technology recommend for commercial buildings that when it comes to installing new roofing on commercial buildings it should be a metal roofing system. Believe it or not, if a metal roofing system is installed properly it can last over 150 years, and it can resist winds up to 200 miles an hour as well. The metal roofing system will not rust like many people like to believe, the material is actually rust proof .

Choosing an Alexandria Virginia Roofing Installer

When it comes to choosing the right roofing company, make sure you do your research on the company you are about to do business with, make sure you do business with companies within 50 miles of your home. Our company, Mid Atlantic Construction & Technology, has installed over 120 roofs in Alexandria. We have kept all of our customers happy and satisfied, by giving them excellent roofing products and services. Our company also knows many government workers, military, and teachers live in Alexandria, so we offer special to special individual depending on their occupation. So call us today at (571)252-9748, and ask our consultant or specialist how you even get a free roof. So if you looking for new roofing installation in Alexandria Virginia, our company will make your new residential or commercial roofing experience special.

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