Northern Virginia Fall Weather

Northern Virginia Fall weather can be as crazy as its spring season. As you know the Fall is when the trees leaves start changing colors, and it gets groovy. The weather is also nice and you have all the holidays like Thanksgiving and Hanukkah fall in the Fall. Northern Virginia is one of the most beautiful places to go in the Fall. One of the most beautiful places you can go in Northern Virginia is Loudoun county. Loudoun county has many different towns that are beautiful in the Fall, but have a lot of local events going on.

Some of the places that are beautiful in Loudoun during the Fall include towns like Hillsboro and Middleburg.
If you want to go sight seeing in the Fall you should first take a trip to Hillsboro. Hillsboro is located in Western Loudoun, and the way you reach Hillsboro is you get on route 9 going to the west. Hillsboro is a small little town, and the people there are quite friendly. But during the fall season Hillsboro is a very nice place to visit, and it has many wineries in the town. Many historic properties are located in Hillsboro Virginia, and you and your family would enjoy the scenic routes.

The next place you want to visit in the Fall is Middleburg Virginia, the way you reach Middleburg is quite simple. You get on route 7 west, you past the town of Leesburg, you past go into the town of Purcellville, make a left at the first 7-11 convenient store. From there you should be able to find Middleburg. Middleburg Virginia is horse country and you can find some historic property in Middleburg. You have some famous people who’ve lived in Middleburg including Martin Lawrence and the Former owners of BET.

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