Northern Virginia Roofing Inspections

In Northern Virginia, we don’t think many people actually go and actually have the roof of their homes or commercial properties inspected like they should be doing. I know you may be thinking, what the heck is this guy talking about? Getting your roof and siding inspected by a professional exterior remodeling specialist can be a benefit to you and your property in the long run. If you haven’t notice in the past few weeks the Northern Virginia, D.C and Maryland have experienced heavy wind storms. Along with some of these wind storms, we’ve experience rain as well. These rain storms have caused leaks in many residential properties that we’ve inspected.

Our company have been meeting with many different insurance companies as a result of these inspections. These inspections are a very valuable tool to both the residential and commercial property owner, because it lets the property owner know what’s going inside their property. For example wood rot is not covered under most insurance policies, but many property owner’s do not know this. An inspection can reveal to a property owner  where wood rot is located on their property. One of  the most common places where wood rot is located is the attic, and many people overlook the fact that throughout the years rain, snow, and hail pound on the roof throughout the years. Eventually the water from all those storms find the inside of your home. And the first place it usually finds is your attic. Many home owners do not go up to their attic. After a while the wooden beams get wet and they begin to rot.

Many insurance companies will not cover wood rot, just like many insurance companies will not cover some mold. Insurance companies will not cover certain types of mold especially black mold. Black mold is an indication that you as a home owner neglected to inspect your home and now hazardous mold has grown inside your home. Call our company know for a free



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