Salisbury NC Storm Damage Roofing Company

Salisbury NC Storm Damage Roofing Company

Salisbury North Carolina Storm Damage Roofing Company

Mid Atlantic Construction & Technology specialized in hail & wind damage from storms and will one of their certified adjusters work with you & your insurance company to get your home repaired and back to it original condition. Many homes in the Salisbury North Carolina have been affected by recent hail storms that have hit the region. These hail have been the size of of quarters in some areas. Many home owners have been calling and reporting that their homes have been affected by leaks from their roofs. The best thing that a home owner can do when they first find out that they’ve been affected by hail, is to have the property inspected by an adjuster or a specialist to make sure that the home is not damage.

Make sure you choose wisely when you choose a company that going to walk you through the whole insurance process, the insurance process can be a very long and hard process. Our job at Mid Atlantic Construction and Technology is to make sure that process goes smooth. Our company has worked with 100s of Salisbury residential home owners in their insurance claims in hail damage. Most of the time only minor repairs may be required when hail damage occurs, due to the way hail storms move. Hail can hit one part your neighborhood, and completely miss the other spot, unlike rain and snow which can hit all of your neighborhood at once.

Salisbury North Carolina has some of the most beautiful areas and residential neighborhoods in the Northern Virginia we think. Areas such as Greensboro, Charlotte, Winston-Salem.

We can go on but you’ll agree that Salisbury has a lot of historic downtown areas that have been affected .

Your home owners premiums will not be affected by storm damage claims.

Salisbury NC Storm Damage Company

Salisbury NC Storm Damage Company

Salisbury North Carolina Storm Damage Company

Salisbury NC Storm Damage Roofing Company

1.Call Mid Atlantic Construction & Technology to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced professionals.2. We will thoroughly inspect your property for hail damage & wind damage. The inspector will get on your roof and inspect the whole roof to make sure that hail has not left no damage that may have cause a leak,

3. We will assist you with contacting your insurance company to report the damage.

4. We will prepare a detailed report of all the damage, and an estimate to repair your property to its original condition.

5. Our certified adjuster will come to you to discuss the necessary repairs.

6. Your insurance company will complete an estimate and issue a payment as necessary

7. We will review your insurance company’s estimate to make sure it covers all the damage and associated repair costs

8. We will sit down with you to discuss the insurance company’s estimate and provide building material samples.

9. We will prepare a detailed work order/contract based on the building materials you choose.

10. We will schedule a date for the renovations to commence.

11. We will complete the repairs to your home.

12. We assist you by submitting the appropriate documentation to your insurance company.

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