Sawtooth Roof

Sawtooth Roof

A sawtooth roof is two or more parallel pitched roofs in which the sloped and vertical surfaces alternate. As the name suggests, the roof resembles the side view of a saw blade. Sawtooth roofs were once only used on commercial industrial buildings. However, now they are also used in modern home design.

Pros: Windows are placed in the vertical spaces of the roof, allowing more natural light inside the home.

The higher peaks provide the opportunity for either vaulted ceilings or loft living space. The combination of the various slopes and use of natural light make this design an excellent choice for homes with Eco-friendly conveniences, such as solar panels, geothermal and radiant heating systems.

Cons: The complex design and various building materials needed will make the sawtooth roof much more expensive than other roof types. It’s also a high maintenance roof.

Adding windows, valleys and varying slopes creates a higher chance for water leaks. For this reason, sawtooth roofs aren’t advisable in heavy snowfall areas.

Suggested Materials: Depending on the style of the house, the roof can be made from wood, steel or reinforced concrete.

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