Spring Remodeling

What many people don’t know about Mid Atlantic Construction and Technology is our company is more than just a remodeling company, we’re a technology provider as well. Meaning our company specializes in technology, we offer computers and severs services as well. Mid Atlantic Construction also provides kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling services as well. If you’re looking for an electrician we got you covered as well, our license contractors have over 10 years of experience in different skills and remodeling trades and understand the meaning of customer service. As the leading Loudoun remodeling company we take pride in making sure our customers and clients are satisfied with any remodeling service our company may provide them.


Mid Atlantic Construction and Technology has reached it’s 8 year in business and we admit we’ve had our ups and down, but the one thing we made sure we never did was give up. Our company made sure we took care of our clients and made sure only the best contractors came to their property. Our inspectors were some of the best inspectors in the region, and were certified to deal with both residential and commercial properties. We made sure we treated both our customers and adjusters fair and with the respect any human being deserved. We’ve always made sure that our customers were completely satisfied with whatever service we may have provided them. Our company knows how to deal with insurance companies both big and small and we always go by the book.

Mid Atlantic Construction and Technology offers our remodeling services to all of the Northern Virginia region. These areas include Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William, and Frederick Counties. We’re a 5 star company which aim to work with our customers. We negotiate fair pricing and always make sure that we’re able to beat the competitions pricing. This spring if you’re a Northern Virginia resident make sure the first remodeling company you call is Mid Atlantic Construction and Technology, we’ll make sure that your commercial and residential property look like a million bucks or more for a great price. We specialize in both commercial and residential construction and we’re glad to answer any questions you may have.

As Spring arrives so does the showers many roofs, siding, and gutters will need to be replaced. Our company is able to address any major problems you may have, and our specialist our able to address any concerns or questions that you may have. Mid Atlantic Construction and Technology is the leader in roofing, siding, gutters, kitchen and bathroom remodeling company in the region so why go with a second hand company that may not do right by you or your property. We’re not in the market of letting our customers down and we look forward to serving all of Northern Virginia. If you have a question call us today at (571)252-9748.

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