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Loudoun and Northern Virginia Storm Damage Company

Loudoun and Fairfax Leading Roofing and Restoration Company This year Loudoun and Northern Virginia had very strange weather come to the region. The May shower’s we’ve been experiencing in the year 2017 is not over just yet, we have 7 days left this month. Over the weekend it was very wet, and it made the …

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Fall Roofing Maintenance: Pre-Winter Attic Ventilation Check

A properly vented attic is a key element in maintaining the health of your roofing shingles, and extending the life of your roof. A fall attic ventilation inspection will help prevent bigger problems over the winter and so it should be an important part of your fall roofing maintenance. Adequate attic ventilation: Helps to prevent moisture buildup in the winter, which …

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Composite Slate Roofing Installation the Right Way

Composite Slate Roofing Installation the Right Way Natural slate roof is a beautiful option for your home’s roof. But, it can come with a few drawbacks, including a steep price tag. As an alternative, a composite slate roof represents a terrific choice vs. a natural slate roof. Whether made from of engineered polymers, fiberglass, or …

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Single-Ply Roofing

Stretching the Life of a Single-Ply Roof Date: September 25, 2012  Author: KloweLeave a comment Over head protection from the effects of the weather may be the first thought that comes to mind when one thinks ofroofing.  This protection comes in the form of the familiar steep-slope roof characteristic of residential housing, but the low-slope or “flat” roof …

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